Monday, May 17, 2010

Navigating Nine Lives...

I sent one of my contacts my resume recently and he replied quite instantly..."Holy Cow!"

My resume tends to surprise quite a few people due to its length... and depth. Prior to coming to Canada, I had a full life and my career was at its peak, as Deputy Director of the first Film Commission in Singapore, when I left. I had paid my dues in a high profile career as director, producer and award winning Filmmaker in the film and broadcasting industry in Asia, long before I reached these shores. So arriving in Vancouver, British Columbia and immediately landing a job at Telefilm Canada as an Investment Analyst was a blessing for sure, but not surprising to those who had known me in my "Previous Life".

My career path over the past 9 years here has not been as simple or illustrious but it has been fulfilling, with twists where I thought I would have been taking a turn and each "Life" taking me deeper into areas of a constantly evolving media industry that I would ne'er have ventured on my own, had not my capricious "Career Path" led me there. And just when I thought I had negotiated eight of my nine "Lives" and I believed I had finally landed on "home base", another crook in the path carried me forwards into the next phase. God willing something has always turned up, bigger and brighter than before...stroke after stroke until a full picture materialised, multi-faceted and sometimes multi-challenged.

Prayers abundant were always answered, though often not in the form that I had sought or in a manner I recognised immediately. What I did recognise were the faces along the way. The people who have understood my sincerity in word and deed, and helped me along the journey.

I await with bated breath, eager to encounter more of these kind faces and another "Life" ahead on turning this corner...


  1. Hi Christine...May be a good idea to have some highlights of that interesting career under "View my complete profile"...should make your blog easier to find too. Good luck!
    Rufus Lin

  2. Thanks Rufus! I have taken your advice and added a complete profile to compliment this page.