Monday, November 28, 2011

MM2011 to MMTO!

After another successful Merging Media conference, some may think we would like to take a wee break...

But it was not to be... It appears we are going to stretch our wings and indeed take flight as MM goes eastward to Toronto! The big city lights and Canada's broadcasting hub beckons. I've been invited to produce the Merging Media transmedia seminar+lab in partnership with CMPA's Toronto office, and the lovely Katie Jeffs is my partner in crime. This initiative was successfully delivered by our good friend and colleague Anita Ondine in Vancouver this spring and we are collaborating with her to bring the program that we tailor made for our Canadian media folk, to Ontario.

You know how they speak about planting seeds, and this is such a nice example. We invited a handful of broadcasters to our lab in April, and they went back to Toronto and told their teams and viola, next thing we know, they are supporting our efforts to bring the event to TO!

Now its not our 2 day flagship conference we are presenting, but one never knows what the future will bring. With MeshWest here in Vancouver on Dec 5, we may just do another cross-country cross-media event in the soon enough, to some other friendly Canadian city?

Stay tuned!

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